Rose, Adonis, and Aphrodite : Antique'II Rose Gold

Taking a walk in the summer evening, one can see roses blooming profusely, which reminds us of the story between Adonis and Aphrodite.

The handsome and robust Adonis caught the eye and captured the heart of Aphrodite. Their love burned passionately during the summer, but Adonis encountered a wild boar in the forest one day. In the intense struggle, the boar's tusks pierced Adonis's thigh.

Upon receiving the news, Aphrodite rushed into the forest in anguish, only to find her beloved man on the brink of death. Her sorrowful tears and Adonis's fresh blood were mixed and inseparable ever since. The melancholic soil absorbed it and quietly grew into exquisite roses.

When Juliet said, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Nowadays, people all know that if one wants to sing of passionate summer love, there is no better choice than a blooming rose.

With its black and subtly revealed reddish-copper hues, the Laban Antique II rose-gold fountain pen exudes an elegant and stable style that has always been popular among women. This discreet reddish-copper color is reminiscent of summer's fragrant, faint rose aroma – so charming, super enchanting.

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