Throughout our lives, we have written so much, so extensively. Pick up a pen, open the cap, and leave your thoughts on paper. Writing is inseparable from life.

How is your beloved fountain pen made?

Please take the fountain pen you love the most in your hand.

Let's take Laban's pen as an example. It goes through the following process:

Designing the pen's appearance: Setting the center of gravity, proportioning the aesthetics, and selecting accessories.

What material? If it is a metal pen, a mold is a must. If intricate three-dimensional shapes are required, manual mold-making is necessary.

What about just making a simple brass fountain pen?

The process is relatively straightforward. First, you'll need a copper tube, cut and shape it using a CNC lathe, and then preliminary polishing.

Next, it will undergo electroplating to make the sharp edges of the metal softer, preventing them from scratching the hand and then punching the pen clip, creating embossed patterns, also threading on a lathe. 

The semi-finished pen tubes will be arranged neatly, ready for painting. Once the paint is dry, finally, we can assemble the pen: operating the machine, completing the pen cap and clip, the ink feeder, nib, and pen barrel. 

Details, details, and details

As a pen manufacturing factory, we carry out these processes carefully and earnestly.

Have you ever repaired a fountain pen?

Some Laban pens he sold twenty years ago have traveled worldwide, and repair requests come via email from the United States.

At the moment, we need Hua. She is the most experienced employee in the factory, working from a young age until now. Hua checks for available parts and says, "Yes, I can fix it," then we can ask the owner to send the pen from afar. 

Opening the layers of protective materials, it looks pretty ordinary, with the word "Laban" engraved on it.

Human emotions are extraordinary

With some scratches and no longer functioning, this old pen prompts its owner to write letters and pay for shipping to repair it. 

This pen carries emotions; it has become an extension of their fingers, writing about the ups and downs of life. People have these strange attachments, these peculiar emotions.

Age only adds spice to life, and with his reading glasses on

Hua tinkers with the pen, disassembling and reassembling it like a magical fairy godmother waving her wand. Bang! She repaired the pen. 

There's no magical technology, no 3D printing; it's the experience of the maker and the cherished inventory of an old brand that only those who genuinely appreciate using fountain pens can understand—the wisdom of an old soul.

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As a writer, you should not judge, you should understand.

Ernest Hemingway