Look! New nib for 325 Fountain Pens

The Laban 325 fountain pen will be assembled with a new nib look from now on🌱

What is the essence of daily stationery?

Laban believes that “a pen is close to the palm of the writer”. And when talking about the design of a pen, "less is more" is so true, just as Leonard Koren said, “Pare down to the essence, but do not remove the poetry.” Beautiful and so inspiring, isn’t it?

Can we make it better?

We look at our 325 and think about “Can we make it better?” We decided to modify it a little bit. We removed the Art Nouveau vine decoration on the nib.

On the new 325 nib, there will be only “Laban”, and the symbol of Taiwan "3952" – the height of Mountain Jade.

The essence of writing and a pen, is just like the relationship between you and your words. They both should be very pure.


Hi KATERI, please check your inbox, I replied to you via email :-)

Laban Isa November 10, 2022

I just bought a new 325 with an extra fine and it will not write. I have tried every fix I know. Honestly, it should work right out of the box. I am using the supplied converter and your Aphrodite ink. Any suggestions?

Kateri Ewing November 10, 2022

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Ernest Hemingway