A Sanyu in Hand: A dazzling fountain pen gift set

Laban Pen collaborates with the National Museum of History, Taiwan, and presents: "A Sanyu in Hand." It offers vibrant colors and shares a vivid story. Meticulous craftsmanship creates an excellent writing experience, an exquisite stationery item that combines collectible and practical value.

The story of "Flower"

"Flower" is one of SANYU's masterpieces in the National Museum of History. The yellow background, white transparent vase, and white gladioli are elegantly placed. A gray kitten claws toward the vase as the white gladioli petals radiate outward. The vivid composition brings us to imagine multiple possibilities.


The rich color of the lacquered pen barrel comes from years of experience and the accumulation of a craftsman that requires steady hand movements, precise control, and a touch of artistic flair.

Embossed Pen Cap

The original painting, "Flower," features simple lines. By transforming a flat drawing into three-dimensional relief, it undergoes multiple processes, including depiction, etching, and plating, resulting in a finely engraved and beautifully colored pen cap.

Standard nib

The standard nib is a stainless steel nib with a duo-tone color of gold and silver. It offers four nib size options: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, and Broad.

18K Gold Nib

We also offered an option of a flexible 18K gold nib. The nib is marked "18K" and "750". The nib material contains 75% gold and 25% other metals. There is only the medium nib size available.

Gold or metal plating

Two plating colors available for the pen cap and grip section part, the retro

The Stationery gift set also includes:


Inspired by the exquisite original artwork, the cat-shaped brass metal clip bookmark brings a vivid image to the daily journal or book.

Ink bottle

30mL gray ink, inspired by mischievous speckled gray cats in paintings.


The 68g Tomoe River Paper provides a smooth writing experience. The ink writing on it could be quick-drying and would not bleed through. Blank design, with a yellow satin ribbon bookmark.

Interested? We are now preparing to launch on the Laban official website, leave us a message to receive updates at the first moment.


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