The power of jealousy

The power of jealousy


The power of jealousy

“A photograph by Henri Cartier-Bresson captured the fascination of a Communist soldier for fountain pens for sale at a stall. These were for him, no doubt, a sign of education.” It was May 1949, Nanking, China.

The fountain pen might represents this young man’s longing to culture, a better life, and the right to read and write.

A fountain pen could be a carrier, even a weapon. This photo shows why a new regime succeeded.

After almost 100 years. Today when we look back at that moment, fountain pen —as a writing tools— the structure, the nibs, the barrel and how people sell it, these details have not changed—

However, culture and education have bring us to a higher and broader perspective.

These are Laban’s legendary fountain pens. Along with other old historical pieces, we realize that, writing is no longer a privilege, but our daily life.

Henri Cartier-Bresson:China 1948-1949 1958 at Taipei Fine Art Museum.
The exhibition will be open daily until November 1, don’t miss it if you like art, photography, and fountain pen.

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