“John swims on the northeast coast every morning.

In the cold winter wind, he took off his shirt, dived into the water, and made two trips to complete the goal of one kilo meter. The ocean is unpredictable, sometimes huge schools of fish swim with him, and sometimes he got stung by jellyfish.

But keep breathing; keep moving, towards forward…”


1981 | Start of business

Our founder, John, returned to his hometown Houtong ─ a village in the northeast Taiwan ─ to establish Laban pen factory with his brother.
At the beginning of our business, we built a stable foundation by OEM manufacturing, such as high-quality silver-plated and rhodium-plated writing instruments.

1993 | Built solid foundation

Created the special hollow carving technique, and launched the Filigree series. Laban became one of the best OEM suppliers of world famous pen brands, and John started pursuing his dream ─ owning a brand instead of OEM...

1997 | Global Partnership 

LABAN built a collaborative partnership with Musei del Vaticano to provide high-quality gift pens, put the most exquisite and unique design in religious culture into concrete practice.

2004 | Dragon Pen

The pen Cap is presents the three-dimensional appearance of Asian dragon. The pen body is vividly hovering, which is carved by precision workmanship, and shows the outstanding craftsmanship. Provide three different versions, including made of silver, silver gold-plated, or 22K pure gold. The dragon pen limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide.

  • The limited edition of Dragon Pen in 2004 was awarded The Best Writing Instrument by Lewis & Clark, Royal Academy of Arts in the UK.

2009 | Pope in Israel

In 2009, the then Pope Benedict XVI visited Israel. In the Notre Dame Cathedral in Jerusalem, after a meeting with religious organizations, on this solemn occasion, he left a commemorative signature with Laban ANTIQUE silver fountain pen.

We shall remember what he said during this visit: “You are showing your faith daily…in love and care. For society, culture, our world, and for all those who live in this land.”

2011 | Lacquer Mento Fountain Pen

A pen style developed in combination with traditional lacquer art. Each Lacquer Mento uses German hard rubber as the tire base, and then painted patterns, then ten layers of lacquer paint, all hand-painted by experienced master. The last step is to finely polished, and supplemented with rhodium-plated trim, finally create a unique elegance.

  • Won the Pen World Reader's Choice Award


2012 | Apollo Fountain Pen

Made of exquisite metal material, and express the fine texture with engraved geometric patterns, embellished with diamonds. Later became the design origin of Laban Galileo series.

  • Selected on the cover of June, of the industry-renowned magazine Pen World

2016 | Laban 325 Fountain Pen series

Lightweight acrylic resin has become the mainstream choice in the pen industry. Kept our classic pen shape design, and focused on color mixing technique, Laban created the abstract art and colorful pearlescent series.

Inspired by natural, new color are regularly released every year, and 325 series is made into a classic pen with modern characteristics.


2017 | Antique’II Brass Fountain Pen

Reproduce the design of the signing pen used by Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican in 2009. "Classical is the new modern", the minimalist style and geometric lines, created the brass pen most favored by young people, now everyone could find their favorite in Laban Pen.

2020 | Greek Mythology Fountain Pen Ink

According to the artful idea ─ the Greek gods ─ we provide a five-color ink series. Enrich the desk of every stationery lovers; to enjoy the little world in hand, it’s about land, sea, and imagination... it’s an exclusive personal, fun experience with Laban pen and ink!




Laban has been advancing steadily in the rise and fall of the pen industry. Mastering the technique of pen-making, from classical Raden to modern acrylic resin, no matter how much stationery was developed, we must return to a simple thing: the original intention.

The intention of making a pen, it is close to the palm of the writer. The intention of using a pen, it is created to conveying the thoughts.

A pen is a tool, but what is written is the affection that modern technology cannot translate. Refill your soul by writing. At forty had no doubts. It’s all about the original intention.