Greek Mythology Ⅱ Fountain Pen Ink


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Color: Hera Dark Green

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Zeus is greedy for beauty girls; Hera revenges silently to her husband for cheating. Athena is cool and sensible, and even harsh; Ares’s brutal passionate terrified everyone. And Hermes is a wanderer forever on the road...

The glorious Greek gods also had dark moments of depravity

The confrontation between good and evil willing in mythology gods always reflects the real world. Greek gods incarnate as mirrors, reflecting our darkness and longing, writing reveals the real us - Shadow owes its birth to light.

5 colors new launch

Zeus purple, Hera Dark Green, Athena Gray, Ares Red, Hermes Sky Blue

Zeus purple

Ink for the king of gods. The thunderbolt wielded in his raised right hand, a majestic purple.

Purple lightning, signals my will

I rule all, that is under the sky

Royal ink

Hera Dark Green

Ink for the queen of strength and excellence. Hera, the mother to gods, comforts and encourages all.

Victorious soldiers, returning home

To rest near me, under the trees

Serene ink

Athena Grey

Ink for the guardian Athena, keeper of the citadel and whose gray eyes judge with fairness.

Her gray eyes, reflect the city

She judges, and brings order

Decisive ink

Ares Red

Ink for the battle rage of Ares, powerful and volatile. When the fog of war clears, what new things will arise?

Vultures hover, war dogs howl

Ares chants, sweet rage

Fiery Ink

Hermes Sky Blue

Ink for Hermes, flying between realms of dreaming and waking, the living and the dead. Ever the wanderer.

Flying on winged sandals, entering dreams

The messenger, Seizes the moment

Lofty ink



    • The fountain pen ink is only for writing purposes.
    • Please change the ink according to your fountain pen’s instruction guide.
    • Remove any excess ink from the bottle cap to prevent the ink from going bad.
    • If the ink spills on clothing, it may be difficult to remove.
    • Avoid contact with eyes or swallowing. If this happens accidentally, dilute with water and contact a physician immediately.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Non-waterproof.

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Brittany Smith
Another great set

I purchased the Athena Gray and Hera Dark Green. I love both colors and I'm glad I added them to my ink collection.

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