A universe within : Laban Gloria Guilloche Pen

The volcanic pumice stone that John found in the sea and the ruby-red Gloria Ruby Red ignite our imagination. What would happen if we threw two rocks into the still water?

The two seemingly unrelated sets of ripples would then spread from the center and eventually merge, culminating in a wondrous arc, from division to amalgamation, from unending continuity to unity.

Our life's mission is to restore the fractured fragments encountered in life into a complete whole. It is the art of being a human.

This is how the wisdom of ancient Hebrew Kabbalah describes "life's mission."

The GLORIA is one of our proud series, with each delicate twisting pattern, is layered and densely arranged. From a distance, it shines brilliance, but upon closer inspection, it reveals a universe within.

GLORIA series has a complete model line; fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and rollerball point pens are all available.

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