Wisteria symbolizes immortality

Have you ever heard “Nirvana”?

Spring is a special season in Asia. Three days before and after the spring equinox, called “Spring Higan”, is a Buddhist holiday at the end of March.

Higan means “The distant shore” in Japanese. We, the living, are located at this shore and experiencing tremendous worries in life. And in the end, we will all arrive at the higan/nirvana, which is a state of freedom from suffering and rebirth.

Spring and mental health

When people think it's a sunny day and wear light clothings on the street, the next day it might rain again, and make everything cold and wet. The changing weather causes people to feel stressful or depressed; and spring is also the season that Nirvana's Kurt Cobain left us in 1994.

Wisteria symbolizes immortality

“Spring Higan” in Japan, “Qingming” in Taiwan. These spring holidays make people gather together to remember our ancestors, create connections and have a good time – because the best way to comfort our beloved is to live better and ask them not to worry anymore.

The purple vigorous flower, wisteria, symbolizes immortality. Between this shore and the distant shore, writing conveys our thoughts, and calms us down; between fingers, pen, and ink, memories will never be forgotten, which is immortality.

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