Happy Easter with Emerald Green!

Every real solution is only reached by intense suffering. -Carl Jung

Happy Easter! We again experience the sacrifice, death, and rebirth of the four seasons.

It was a cold, desolate winter ─ the desolation is a sacrifice ─ but, there were spring seedlings hidden in it.

According to Greek myth, Persephone, the daughter of Demeter, is amazingly beautiful. The god of the underworld, Hades, captured her as his wife. Demeter could not find her, thus the world was deserted.

Zeus came forward to mediate and agreed that Persephone would return to Demeter in spring. The prosperous flowers in spring are a blessing to the world for mothers to celebrate their reunion. Life is about to choose; when you are determined to give up the existing unnecessary things, it is the chance to start something new.

Let us examine the current state of life wisely this Easter holiday. Isn't it bring you a spring breeze?

Our #NEW #Taroko #EmeraldGreen fountain pen and Greek mythology Demeter Brown, the ink of fertility and steady.

Wish you find some brand new energy from nature! Laban wish our western pen pals a happy Easter. Wishing that the lockdown will end and the economy will recover soon. Asian pen pals, wish you have a nice family reunion this Qingming festival! The Laban office will be on holiday for 4 days. All orders will be shipped normally on 4/6.

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