Wine-dark sea and Rosa Burgundy

When we hold a Rosa Burgundy in hand, we are thinking about the “wine-dark sea” in the epic poem “Odyssey” attributed to Homer.

Life is a journey. Adventure is risky.

But to pursue, to explore, and to achieve... Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. 

After the Trojan war, Odysseus stared his journey back home, yet he landed in a lush beautiful island Ogygia, where is a wonderland with gourmet, mellow wine, and sensational nymphs.

The nymph Calypso let heroes live here happily

However, she is enamored with Odysseus, and tried everything to attract him. She kept him with her for seven years, then Odysseus still missed his wife so much, and ask to leave her.

Calypso tried to get him back. She persuaded him to stay in this paradise island and warned him his journey will be full of challenges. Besides, Odysseus’s wife can’t be an eternal young and beautiful woman like nymph.

Odysseus said: “She is mortal, yet you don’t know age nor death.”

Yet even so...

"I wish and long day by day to fare homeward and see the day of my returning. Yea, and if some god shall wreck me in the wine-dark deep, even so I will endure…

For already have I suffered full much, and much have I toiled in perils of waves and war. Let this be added to the tale of those.”

Odysseus then began his journey.

Are you starting your whole new adventure in 2022? Take a pen, write it down, and do it now!

Picture reference:Calypso's Isle by Herbert James Draper (1897)

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