Put Tiger King Pen into your pocket

2022 is the year of tiger

Sounds like a perfect timing for opening new possibilities, isn’t it?

In Taiwan, tiger god, also called “Hu-ye” or "Tiger General", is an accompanying deity.

In the ancient time, while a main deity is taking a parade around town to see if anyone needs help, the Hu-ye will walk in front of the god, protect it away from evils’ attack.

The tiger god "Hu-Ye"

People worship a tiger god, for its brave and powerful image, which even became a multi-functional god!

Are there Kids getting sick? Hu-ye helps. Is anyone having trouble now? Hu-ye helps!

Religion took a important place of culture.

People records stories and memories, which become histories, sometimes faith.

The vigorous nature-inspire pocket fountain pen collection has “Tiger King”, “Seastar Blue”, and “Brown Bear”, which are some cheerful choices for you in this year of tiger!

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