Take a sip of the melting tiger butter

“How much do you love me?' Midori asked.

'Enough to melt all the tigers in the world to butter,' I said.”

- Norwegian Wood

In the spring of 1978, after watching a baseball game in the afternoon in Tokyo, Haruki Murakami went to a bookstore and bought a sheaf of manuscript paper and a fountain pen.

Then for several weeks, he returned to home after a long day work, and sit in front of the desk in his kitchen, he started writing. “Word by word. With hand.” He said that when writing a novel, instead of saying having the feeling of "writing an article," it is better to say that, it’s a feeling of "playing music." Make sure it has rhythm, a beautiful harmony, and believing in the power of improvisation.

Write with a fountain pen is so comfortable. This feeling may stay in our body for a long time. The habit of writing daily, may calm down our self, just like keeping the potential. Then maybe, it’s time to sprout.

Farewell to 2021, say hello to 2022. It’s “the year of tiger”. Isn’t the Laban 325 Sun just like a melting tiger butter? Also never forget our classic cigarette shape fountain pen Mento TT – make us think about the amber eyes of tiger in the forest.

Let’s start the whole new year with fierce and energy. Roar!

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