Antique'II Fountain Pen-Gold


結帳時 計算運費


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You are showing your faith daily... in love and care. For society, culture, our world, and for all those who live in this land.

—Benedict XVI

Antique'II is a retro design fountain pen of the signing Laban Pen used by Pope Benedict XVI in 2009. The vintage simple style and geometric lines, created this brass fountain pen be favored across different age groups. An iconic, exude tranquil beautiful design pen, present by Laban, which provides an alternative choice for people who is looking for the retro style.


    NIB SIZE EF, F, M, B
    FILLING SYSTEM Cartridge, Converter
    GIFT BOX Blue Gift Box
    PEN LENGTH (CAPPED)(mm) 138
    PEN LENGTH (CAP OFF)(mm) 120
    PEN LENGTH (POSTED)(mm) 152
    NIB MATERIAL Stainless steel with 2-tone plating with iridium point
    WEIGHT (g) 43

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