Gloria Sapphire Blue Ballpoint Pen


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Gloria Sapphire Blue Ballpoint Pen is engraved with an endless diamond-shaped guilloche pattern with ruby red lacquer.

Reinterpreting the classics: Guilloche

“Guilloche”, a traditional craftsmanship originated in Europe since 18th century. Craftsmen hand-operated machine attentively, which gave birth to the finely engraved pattern.

2021 Summer, Laban presents: Gloria pen series.

With an endless diamond-shaped guilloche pattern engraved on the pen. In addition, The lacquer provides a shining look. Turn the pen and see the engraving pattern mapping with light at different angles, flashing out boundless imagination.

If you grab it in hand, you will also feel the pen's delicate lines, which just fit your fingers subtly.


GIFT BOX Blue Gift Box
PEN LENGTH (mm) 139
WEIGHT (g) 33


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