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In rivers, the water you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time. Laban Pen presents the new Damask fountain pen and rollerball pen to the 325 series for this flourishing season.

Damask embodies the flowing luster of vivid patterns, like water. Crafted in serene pine green and crimson-purple colors, it is a unique "living writing instrument" for the scent and hue of the celluloid barrel will quietly transform into with everyday use and the passage of time.

Activate all five senses.

The unpredictability of this material, Celluloid, is genuinely fascinating.

After years of waiting, we can finally introduce the celluloid Damask fountain pen and rollerball pen. 

True Celluloid, with its ever-changing aroma, releases a deep medicinal scent upon friction, akin to camphor but with a hint of earthy aroma. With everyday writing use, the color of the barrel might shift from vivid bright to warm. The interplay of material, skin, and time is intriguing.

Praise the present moment.

The name "Damask" takes inspiration from textiles. It shares a similar specialty with Celluloid; they both reveal the resilience and fragility of objects in uncertain circumstances. It is a "living writing instrument" that belongs to the present moment. Amid the ever-flowing hustle and bustle of the world, the only constant in life is change.

Laban Damask pen is for writers to write down the instants of life. Handwriting records emotions, and a metamorphosis should be a step toward progress.


The German-made gold-tone nib is made of rhodium and stainless steel and engraved Laban logo and "3952", which is the height of Mount Jade and the symbol of Taiwan, on the nib.


Creamy ivory acrylic resin cap.

Exquisite details: it has a durable gold plated clip and cap top, and also gold Laban medallion adorns the top of the cap. 


The hand-polished, smooth ivory white grip section has an appropriate size to ensure a comfortable writing experience. Traditional fountain pen converter.

FILLING SYSTEM Converter and Cartridge

GIFT BOX Blue Gift Box

INCLUDES Standard Converter*1, Manual/Warranty card*1, Brand Logo or Pen sticker*1, and Brand Bookmark*1





TRIM Gold-colored

NIB MATERIAL Stainless steel, Gold-plating, 14-carat gold(Flex nib), and Iridium point


Do not sanitize your Laban pen with cleansing alcohols

After the covid-19 pandemic, people now use cleansing alcohol or another disinfectant spray to sanitize personal items more frequently. However, your beloved stationery is made with precious parts/materials, if it contacts with solvent/alcohol, the solvent may eat away at the material.

  • The gold-plated surface may interact with solvent and loss shimmer or get rusty.
  • The acrylic resin part may become weak and get tiny cracks easily.

Thus, we suggest you clean your pen with just water. Also, clean your hand with soap first before your daily writing, which is also a good sense of ritual for both you, and your luxury stationery.

* Ultraviolet sanitize lamps may also damage the acrylic part.

Please use/keep your Laban pen carefully

Do not let your sterling silver, silver-plated, or gold-plated pens contact any chemicals, or keep them in a moist environment for a long time. Please keep the pen in a pen bag or the gift box while carrying it to go out, to avoid surface damage from accidental impact or scratch.

Strongly suggest you store the pen separately with keys or sharp metal items.

How to fix the pen surface damages

If tarnishing occurs, you may use a silver polishing cloth to polish the pens, but it won’t make the pen revert to its original.

Can I purchase a replacement part?

Please contact us directly, and provide your warranty card, also pictures of your pen. We could have a spare replacement for it.  


  1. Remove the cap. Point the nib away from you and unscrew the forepart from the barrel by turning it counterclockwise.
  2. Remove the empty cartridge/Converter.

Clean the Pen Nib

  1. It is recommended to clean the nib first if you want to insert a different color ink cartridge/converter.
  2. Rinse the pen nib with tap water until the water remains clear. Grip section up, nib down, water should flush from the grip section part down to the nib.  
  3. Dip the nib in warm water to soften the clogged ink inside the nib or feed system is also recommended. 
  4. Keep the pen in a cool and safe place to dry.  

*Disassemble pen nib to clean is not recommended. It might damage the feed system or cause nib deformation. Damage which is customer induced is not covered by our warranty.

Change Cartridge

  1. Insert the new cartridge into the grip section with the narrower side.  
  2. Push until the ink collector tip punctures into the cartridge and assembles firmly. 
  3. Ink will flow from the reservoir through the feed system to the nib. You can squeeze the inserted cartridge gently to speed it up.
*Be careful when squeezing, ink might leak from the nib feed. 

*Always use Laban or European standard cartridges for Laban fountain pens.

Refill Ink Converter


  1. Turn the converter knob counterclockwise until the rubber seal in front of the rod contacts the converter’s mouth, to squeeze out excess ink.  
  2. Take a small cup of water. Dip the converter into the water and turn the knob up and down several times to clean the reservoir. Repeat several times until the water remains clear. 
  3. Keep the converter in a cool and safe place to dry.


  1. Pour some ink into a small cup. Dip the converter mouth into ink.
  2. Turn the knob counterclockwise to refill ink. Throw away excess ink in the cup, do not pour it back into the ink bottle.
  3. Assemble the converter to the grip section. Confirm it connects with the ink collector firmly.
  • If the the converter mouth is dry and clean, you can also dip it in to the ink bottle directly.


Turn the grip section clockwise to assemble with the barrel. Put the cap back. 


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