Canyon Fountain Pen-IC


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The Laban Canyon collection remembers us the American West with colors inspired by natural designs. These writing instruments are turned in Italian resins and polished to a high screen in rich flecked colors. Each pen is adorned with a sleek ball clip and gold-plated cap band.



FILLING SYSTEM Cartridge, Converter
GIFT BOX Blue Gift Box
TRIM Gold-colored
NIB MATERIAL Stainless steel with 2-tone plating with iridium point
WEIGHT (g) 23

Do not sanitize your Laban pen with cleansing alcohols

After the covid-19 pandemic, people now use cleansing alcohols or other disinfectant spray to sanitize personal items more frequently. However, your beloved stationery are made with precious parts/materials, if it contacts with solvent/alcohols, the solvent may eat away at the material.

  • The gold-plated surface may interact with solvent and loss shimmer or get rusty.
  • The acrylic resin part may become weak and get tiny cracks easily.

Thus, we suggest you clean your pen with just water. Also, clean your hand with soap first before your daily writing, which is also a good sense of ritual for both you, and your luxury stationery.

* Ultraviolet sanitize lamps may also damage the acrylic part.

Please use/keep your Laban pen carefully

Do not let your sterling silver, silver-plated, or gold-plated pens contact with any chemicals or keep in a moisture environment for a long time. Please keep the pen in a pen bag or the gift box while carrying it to go out, to avoid the surface damage from accidentally impact or scratch.

Strongly suggest you store the pen separately with keys or sharp metal items.

How to fix the pen surface damages

If tarnishing occurs, you may use a silver polishing cloth to polish the pens, but it won’t make the pen revert to its original.

Can I purchase a replacement part?

Please contact us directly, and provide your warranty card, also pictures of your pen. We could have spare replacement for it.  


Dissemble your fountain pen

To fill your pen with a piston converter, please unscrew the pen barrel and pull the converter mechanism from the forepart of the fountain pen.

Clean the used ink converter first

Hold the middle metal section of the converter and twist counterclockwise to the end to squeeze out excess ink. Flushing the converter with water. Put until it’s dry.

Fill and insert the ink converter

Submerge the converter into ink. Twist clockwise until filled. Insert the converter into the fountain pen nib and push firmly until converter seats itself.

Assemble the fountain pen

Screw clockwise to assemble the grip part and barrel. Wipe any excess ink from the pen nib with line free cloth, however, do not wipe the black ink feeder under the nib.

* To avoid clogging, please use your pen regularly.

* If you think your pen dried out because of clogging, you can flush the nib with water, or soaking it in warm water to soften and flush out any hardened ink or sediment.


Dissemble your fountain pen

To load the cartridge, remove the cap of the fountain pen and unscrew the forepart from the barrel by turning it counterclockwise while pointing the nib away from you.

Insert an ink cartridge

Remove the empty cartridge and insert a new one. The narrower side of the cartridge goes into the forepart. Apply pressure at the other end of the cartridge until its punctures.

Wait a while, let pen draws ink from the reservoir through a feed to the nib. If you want to write immediately, please gently squeeze the inserted cartridge, to speed it up. Be careful while squeezing, ink might leak from the nib feeder part.

* Always use Laban or European standard cartridges for Laban fountain pens.

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