Ballpoint Pen Refill in Blue M size


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Ballpoint Pen Refill in Blue M size

Standard ballpoint pen refill for all Laban ballpoint pens.

Made in Germany, ISO 12757-G2

The length with compression spring is 111 mm, without is 98 mm. The front part length is 23mm, and the compression spring length is 35mm. The weight is 5g.

Do not sanitize your Laban pen with cleansing alcohols

After the covid-19 pandemic, people now use cleansing alcohol or another disinfectant spray to sanitize personal items more frequently. However, your beloved stationery is made with precious parts/materials, if it contacts with solvent/alcohol, the solvent may eat away at the material.

  • The gold-plated surface may interact with solvent and loss shimmer or get rusty.
  • The acrylic resin part may become weak and get tiny cracks easily.

Thus, we suggest you clean your pen with just water. Also, clean your hand with soap first before your daily writing, which is also a good sense of ritual for both you, and your luxury stationery.

* Ultraviolet sanitize lamps may also damage the acrylic part.

Please use/keep your Laban pen carefully

Do not let your sterling silver, silver-plated, or gold-plated pens contact any chemicals, or keep them in a moist environment for a long time. Please keep the pen in a pen bag or the gift box while carrying it to go out, to avoid surface damage from accidental impact or scratch.

Strongly suggest you store the pen separately with keys or sharp metal items.

How to fix the pen surface damages

If tarnishing occurs, you may use a silver polishing cloth to polish the pens, but it won’t make the pen revert to its original.

Can I purchase a replacement part?

Please contact us directly, and provide your warranty card, also pictures of your pen. We could have a spare replacement for it.  


Carefully turn the cap counterclockwise until it is beyond the retraction point and take the cap off. Remove the used refill. Take the spring on the tip of the refill off but keep it.


Insert a new refill into the barrel and put the spring back.


Put the cap back and turn it clockwise until tightened.


Always retract the refill when not in use. 

Use Laban ballpoint or Parker's standard ballpoint refills.

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