Lagoon Fountain Pen


The Laban Lagoon Fountain Pen is graciously presented with an ivory and gold trim cap. The body is adorned in a soothing turquoise acrylic. Gold-tone nib made from rhodium and stainless steel completes this beauty. A dream to write with. A must-have for any pen lover.



Laban Lagoon Fountain Pen

Our newest fountain pen launched in 2021 May

Reefs upon which waves broke into spray, and inner lagoons, lovely beyond description…

—James A. Michener


It’s a lake of paradise, the ultimate tranquility… Laban presents to those who yearn for freedom, Turquoise Lagoon. Lagoon is the eye of sea. The tide eases, fish schools gather, time is slowing down.


Go for a saunter barefoot on the beach. Sunshine gentle, waves kissing toes, the sea is a mix of blue, green, and transparent, it reflects an endless imagination in the light, brings endless joy. “Lagoon” is the soul’s sincere desire; life finds a place to rest…


Fountain pen barrel

The ivory white pen cap and barrel resembles a sandy beach in sunshine. Assort with the crystal clear turquoise. Laban Lagoon reminding us a leisurely, dreamy island trip. A turquoise acrylic barrel, trimmed in gold-plated appointments. The pattern of each “Lagoon” is absolutely different.


About Pen nib

Gold tone nib

Made from rhodium and stainless steel.

Engraved Laban logo on the nib.



About Pen cap

Creamy ivory acrylic cap

Durable gold plated clip and cap top, and gold Laban medallion adorns the top of the cap.

Exquisite details.


About Grip & Ink filling

Traditional fountain pen converter.

Aqua turquoise resin barrel, smoothed and hand polished.

A must have for any pen lover.


The best seller of 2021

During Taiwan Creative Expo 2021, Lagoon is the best seller of  Laban booth.






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EF, F, M, B, 1.5 STUB, 14K FLEX EF, 14K FLEX F

Nib Material

Stainless steel with gold-plating

Barrel Max Diameter

0.51 in. / 13mm


Green, Blue

Filling System

Cartridge, Converter (Included)

Gift Box

Blue Gift Box

Pen Length (Capped)

5.87 in. / 149mm

Pen Length (Cap off)

5.14 in. / 130.5mm

Pen Length (Posted)

6.75 in. / 171.5mm




1.2 oz. / 34g


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