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Happy with the purchase!

I bought the fountain pen in lilac and I am really happy with my purchase! The shipping was fast and I received the pen within a week (I am located in Europe). Thank you!

Ocean Fountain Pen
Malcolm Yarnell
My Go To Pen

I started using fountain pens regularly several decades ago. This pen has become my go to pen for the last several years. It combines elegance and smooth functioning with durability and decent pricing. I use an Oxford Blue ink to match the barrel.


Smooth writing and just the right weight of the pen.

Mixed review

Live the Zeus Purple, but the Hermes is way to light, can barely read it even when using a medium nib.

Hi Gareth,

We are very sorry to hear about this issue which we never heard about before.
You are welcome to send us an ink writing sample to confirm the issue. If you could advise me when and which distributor you purchased with would be helpful, too.

You can also find other ink samples that show the light color of our Hermes Sky Blue on Instagram:

I look forward to your reply and willing to solve it.


Love it

As ordered in good form

Formosa Fountain Pen

Loved it, although I didn't realize how small the pen was compared to the ones that I have in my collection. Despite that it's beautifully designed, the materials are what I prefer and it has a little weight which I favor in my pens. Laban remains one of my top 3 brand when it comes to fountain pens. Oh the only thing I found disappointing was the actual abs feed. In my humble opinion I think Laban needs to do some R&D with there abs feeds. I have had to change out my feeds in quite a few of the pens. Despite that, as previously stated, there on my top 3 brands and I really love there pens and craftsmanship.

Dreamy Pens

My Antique’ll fountain pens (red and black) are jusy gorgeous. They are elegant and feel good to the touch. They write so smoothly. I am pleased with my investment. I would LOVE the Antique’ll im a creamy white with gold pinstripes. That would create a divine trio.

Laban Mento Fountain Pen- CBL

This is a beautiful and good functioning fountain pen. I like big, well balanced fountain pens. Mento pen family is a ongoing discovery of affordable well conceived pens.

Very Nice Writer

A very nice, smooth writer with a cheerful and elegant design. High quality pen at a reasonable price. Decent sized pen as well for those of us with larger hands. US Customs made the transaction unnecessarily difficult, but Laban provided top-notch and responsive customer service to resolve any and all issues.

Lovely lilac colors!

I knew I would love this pen b/c lilacs are my favorite flowers. In person, it is even prettier! Soft hues, creams, lilac and green. Writes like a dream!

Beautiful Pen

Got my first Laban, a 325 Cambridge M. This is such a fine writing instrument and was completely amazed with its physical features and writing smoothness. A welcome addition to my collection. Will consider another Laban next time around. Thanks Laban.

Superb quality ink

I was initially drawn to the dark green Hermes, but will probably add other colours for my Mento and a soon to be acquired Taroko or Red Antique II. I can't decide, so will probably end up getting both, in time. The ink, which I gather is made in Austria, is close to the British Racing Green I was seeking and comes in a very classy square glass bottle, easily on a par with some other famous luxury brands, but at half the price! Laban are an excellent underrated brand, offering quality products at very affordable prices.

Greek Mythology Fountain Pen Ink

A nostalgic touch of class

Just loved the look of the Laban 325 Lagoon and the style is matched by the writing experience. The whole effect is enhanced for me by the really smooth Stub 1.5 nib.

Beautiful Pen - Super Broad Nib!

The pen itself is beautiful! The nib is also gorgeous! I just wish I bought it in an Extra Fine because the Fine nib writes extremely wet and like a Japanese Broad or TWSBI Broad. I wish they sold the nibs separately because I would 100% buy a replacement for my pen.

Sakura Fountain Pen
Toyowaka Shirafuji

Sakura Fountain Pen

Thank you for reviewing! We wish you have a pleasure writing journey.


I wouldn’t know.

The shipment never arrived. I will probably look for my refills elsewhere.
Michael Charbonnet

Dear Michael,

We are very sorry to hear that and we are contacting Fedex to track this parcel. We found out it has been sent back to Taiwan already due to custom clearance issues. We will send you 2 rollerball pen refills as your original order again, you do not need to pay any extra fee.

Again, we apologize for your inconvenience.
Please advise us if you have any other questions.


What a pen

I have been on the hunt for a nice weighty pen for some time now because of an old injury that has left me with a writing hand that fatigues after only a couple lines. After stumbling upon this one (I was on the site because a friend recommended the Apollo ink) I took the plunge.

And let me tell you, absolutely no regrets. The weight is perfect, I was able to get down 3 whole pages before I even started to feel my injury, and another 2 1/2 before I had to take a break.

The nib that came included is Extra Fine, and it's not a lie, it's pretty dang fine. The flex is very nice, and the more I write, the better the flow feels.

As another note, I have already received multiple compliments on how nice and "fancy" it looks.

All in all, I am extremely pleased with my purchase, and I feel like I may have found my forever pen.

Hi Keaton,
Words cannot describe how this detailed feedback encourages us. We are really happy that you found your forever pen --- and it is a Laban Antique II! What a pleasure!


Beautiful Pen with only one minor issue

Beautiful pen. I have choosen the fine nib. Everything is in order except thechoosen converter which is working and not leaking but the konverter mechanism is kinda shaky. You definitlely saved yourself some money here. And another thing where the hidden fedex taxes and fees of 70€. You "forget" to mention that in your international shipping.

Thank you for your feedback! It helps us to provide a better service.

About the converter issue, we never heard about it but we are willing to handle this responsibly. Please mail images/videos about the shaky, we will provide further customer service happily.

And about “hidden Fedex taxes and fees” you mentioned.

We indeed have provided a reminder on both product page and checkout page, if you click the “shipping” or 'Shipping calculated', you will find out shipping policy and information about “Duties and taxes”.

An order from Germany, the extra duties and taxes would be a VAT rates for 19% and a third-country duty rate 3.7%, which is indeed an extra fee for about 70€.

As an immediate react to your feedback, we will add the information below to remind clients from Europe: we add more details about VAT and Custom duties on shipping policy page.

Again, we appreciate your feedback. If you have any further question, please let me know :)!


Sun Fountain Pen
Tomas Soto
My Favorite Writer

Purchased from the good folks at Goldspot. I got it with a Medium nib and later added the Fine and Bold point nibs. With the Fine point, this pen quickly became my favorite writer. It's a well-balanced pen, posted or unposted. Exceptionally smooth with just the right amount of wetness when using the Fine point nib. A bit of a gusher with the Broad point, but by no means is that a deal-breaker. Whichever I write with the Sun offers a wonderful writing experience. I love it and wouldn't trade it for the world!

Flame Fountain Pen
Mauricio Bravo

I got this from a retailer. I have to say that is gorgeous and writes smoothly. It is a beautiful writing instrument. I only regret that this brand is not sold in my country (Mexico).

Another great set

I purchased the Athena Gray and Hera Dark Green. I love both colors and I'm glad I added them to my ink collection.

Just the colours I was looking for

I bought Artemis and Hera and they're wonderful rich colours. Finally filled in that part of my ink resume


Very good.

My first fountain pen

I bought it in Taiwan and I choose the M nib. Smooth as I wish, love it!