The nature is so unpredictable

—and so inspiring.

Spencerian script and fountain pen

Looking back to the 19th century, when Platt Rogers Spencers created the Spencerian script, he designed fonts based on what he had seen in daily life.

Isn’t a round rock just look like the “a”? The branch inspired him to create “b”, the curvy lake shape is “c”. When the water waves was tapping the shore of the lake, Isn't the ripple just resembling the “g” & “y” that extend downward?

The sunlight is a straight line, the cloud is a curve line. Our accustomed nature, actually help us to find more possibilities of creation, in handwriting.

Today, we would share one of our lovely work: Laban Cambridge BKI. The black-and-white design brings an elegant style, which takes us back to Platt Rogers Spencer, and his simple life.

Let’s listen carefully, the world must have something to tell us.

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As a writer, you should not judge, you should understand.

Ernest Hemingway