The daisy and the forest

The night was so very still that one should have been able to hear the whisper of roses in blossom—the laughter of daisies—the piping of grasses—many sweet sounds, all tangled up together. The beauty of moonlight on familiar fields irradiated the world.

― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island The daisy lives with its own attitude.


It does not require delicate care, and can be seen everywhere in the wild during spring to summer.

The fragrance of daisy is refreshing and earthy. In the past, people used daisy to treat inflammation, and with its anti-inflammatory and calming ability, it activated human body to fight against invasion.

Both our body and heart will be hurt, but the heart-curing-medicine is hard to get.

Writing makes our brains speed up to work, and work heals. We could be fragile sometimes, but we could be extremely strong as well. #LabanForest is a touch of nature green that can be held in the palm. The refreshing color brings you some healing power.

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As a writer, you should not judge, you should understand.

Ernest Hemingway