Rosa Spring in April

April for Aphrodite 

The word “April”, if we track its roots, can be found in the ancient Roman Calendar.

“Aprilis” was the second of ten months, which related to the Latin word “aperit”, meaning “to open”. April is named for Aphrodite, and it is about opening new possibilities, right?

Do you know anyone whose name is April? Please tell her she has a beautiful name!

The earth laughs in flowers

The northern hemisphere is officially meeting spring.

People walk into nature and write about nature. As the 19th American philosopher Emerson said: "Flowers are the smile of the earth", we can appreciate the pleasantness of spring together across different eras and cultures.

With the lightweight and crystal-clear Laban Rosa Spring and the enchanting Aphrodite Pink fountain pen ink, this is a great set to praise spring. We hope you are fascinated by the natural seasonal changes like we do, and record many great moments!

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As a writer, you should not judge, you should understand.

Ernest Hemingway