Cherry tree blossoms: LABAN SAKURA

The sweetest SAKURA, for this difficult spring

Cherry tree blossoms, plants thrive under the clear sky, and we have faith in mind. Laban SAKURA fountain pen is such a soft, sweet pink, as if we are gathering together, there are cherry petals falling in hand.

People gather under the blossom trees, flower view, and celebrate. This is a traditional custom in Japan.

“In the cherry blossoms’ shade, there is no one a stranger.''

- Kobayashi Issa, Japanese haiku poet

This haiku explaining this custom well: cherry trees blossom to everyone fairly. No one is a stranger, help will go to the righteous.

In this spring, we shall step forward with hope together – Cherry trees are cold-hardy. Those that have survived the winter, will bloom and thrive.


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