Write to heal 2.0

Write to heal 2.0


Write to heal:⠀
There’s something good today…to reopen an awesome project!⠀

We’ve received a lot of messages inform us that many friends couldn’t participate on time, and ask us if it’s possible to purchase it again. ⠀

We hope that the COVID-19 would continue to subside, and…we decided to REOPEN the “write to heal” grab bag project again on May 20 for 5 days until May 24! ⠀

Moreover, this time we provide two high-end Laban pens into the grab bags randomly and separately! Purchase it ASAP or tag your friend to do so—because we bring it back for only 5 days, and it’s your final chance to get it!⠀
More detail and shop link⠀

We wish you are the lucky TWO.⠀
Stay safe, stay writing, and good luck!⠀