Thank you for writing with us!

Thank you for writing with us!


Thank you for writing with us! “I find practicing handwriting very therapeutic. I have already finished writing 5 notebooks this year, 3 of which since the lockdown.” She’s from northern Virginia, united states, who leaved this comment on our official instagram. This is the target we want to achieve—please, please remember how good it is, to write.

The COVID-19 press the pause button to this fast-changed world. We all need to find ways to precipitate and reorganize. The future is still challengeable, please continue…to hold a pen, write about life, record your feelings, organize your thoughts on paper, and prepare the meditation of your heart to find expression in action.

1.We will deliver those “write to heal” grab bags this week.
2.The ver.2 project will donate 1% total sales to Médecins sans frontières COVID-19 Crisis Fund, too. We’ll announce the official donation receipt as well.

Please share your feedback and tag us after getting the grab bag! Now it’s our turn to say “Can’t wait!”