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Thoughts are firewood, pens are flints. Let us ignite the warm light of our lives.

Laban “Write to heal” grab bag is back. 

This is "Brilliant”!

“A box of Serenity” Gift Box

 The Christmas limited edition is back. A Luxury and class gift brings a super heart-warming feeling in this special season to yourself or someone special.

  • Items in the box
    • A Laban Canyon fountain pen
    • Holy Green fountain pen ink (30ml)
    • “A box of Serenity” Postcard
    • Santa hat Badge or Laban Logo badge

Laban Blue Gift box

Randomly has roller ball or ballpoint pens, depending on the grab bag. The grab bag might also have ink, stickers, a cleaning cloth, and other assorted items, some surprisingly useful stationery.

*Please notice the shipping of all grab bags will start by 2021.11.22(Mon), first come, first served.

*VAT is not included.

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