Laban Winter Edition "A box of serenity"


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Laban Winter Edition 【A box of serenity】

Laban presents to our fountain pen lovers

We are grateful, at the end of the year

We are alive, we can still feel, cry and laugh

we can put ourself together, after falling apart

Most importantly, you are by my side

we have each other

It’s new year, light ahead, there is hope


Christmas special set 【A box of serenity】


✨Laban 325 fountain pen "Snow"

Snow, the icy white reflects light and shadow,also a light gray flowing faintly. In this noisy world, white fits in various environments. It's a bit stubborn, a bit pure, like light, like hope, like an aspiring future—When snow melt, spring buds will rise.

✨Limited edition fountain pen ink "Holly Green" (20ml)

✨Limited edition Christmas postcard

✨Christmas hat pin

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A fountain pen gift for you and be loved one...

Be with him/her, sharing a moment of peace

Become the stars guiding each other in the night

In the memory of yours

Keep writing, your own story

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