4 Christmas gift ideas you can buy your beloved in 2020

4 Christmas gift ideas you can buy your beloved in 2020


Are you a fountain pen nut?

Do you or your beloved one collect fountain pen? If you are looking for a nice gift to celebrate the up coming family reunion, we got some ideas for you!

Fountain pen gifts under $50

Don’t miss the legendary “Laban Greek Mythology ink series” we present this summer. 5 inspiring colors including Apollo Orange, Poseidon Green, Aphrodite Pink, Demeter Brown and Artemis Navy Blue.

Writing with them and manifest your own incarnation. The first 1000 bottles had sold out in October, and we made some more, so you can order it again!

Fountain pen gifts under $100

The best choice would be “Laban Antique Fountain Pen” for sure. One of the top 10 best-selling pens, durable metal barrel and elegant look made it super popular all over the world.

The classic design is a retro of a legendary pen— Pope Benedict XVI, honorary he chose Laban as one of his signature pen brand.

Fountain pen gifts under $150

If you are looking for a beginner fountain pen, maybe you tend to choose a lighter one.

Laban Rosa Fountain Pen-BLM” brings the rich, marbled colors of blue marble. It’s made with Italian resin, and polished to a high sheen. Short, light, and exquisite, thus suits someone who want to carry&use daily.

Fountain pen gifts under $200

A must have for fountain pen nut: “Laban Winter Edition —A box of serenity”.

If you once feel so depressed and loneliness in 2020, we believe that, through observing, thinking and writing, we could regain courage again… After all these challenges, it’s time for a new beginning.

Let’s start with Snow

Snow melts, leaves bud

The changing seasons write a new story

As changing lines on paper record a new thought